Steps for obtaining a Computer Account at USF HEALTH
Information Systems

This document is provided as a guideline to Students, Faculty and staff that work or study within USF HEALTH and include the colleges of Medicine, Nursing and Public Health.

IMPORTANT – Do These Steps In Order! Each step takes time to complete –- some steps take several days. Start the process early so your accounts are active before school begins.

First - Get your Student ID (U Number) or Employee ID:

Your ID will be either your Student ID/ "U"  number or your Employee ID if you are faculty or Staff. If you are faculty or staff and unsure of your ID please contact the Human Resource department to obtain your ID.


Second – Get your HSCNet Computer Account

Your HSCNet computer account will provide access to the HSC network and e-mail. Apply for this account and have your HSCNet username and password available before you apply for the USF NetID (Blackboard). If you already have a non-HSC email address registered in Blackboard, see item 6 under "Activate Your USF NetID" for information on changing the address.

    1. Access the IMPRESS + NEW Account Request site located here:
    2. Select Your Role at USF HEALTH: Student, Faculty, Residents/Fellows, USF Staff or USFPG Staff.
    3. Enter Your Date of Birth.
    4. Enter your Employee ID or Student U Number depending on your Role.
    5. Enter your own password. Strong passwords are required, this means the password must be at least seven characters in length and contain three of these four types of characters: one or more upper case characters, one or more lower case characters, one or more numbers, and/or one or more special characters (example: !, @, #, $, %...).
      We recommend "pass phrases" be utilized.  To do this, pick a phrase, then use the first character of each word.  For example: Phrase: "My cat has nine lives and four legs" Password: "Mch9la4l"
    6. Enter two security questions that only you will know (Elementary School and a Four Digit Pin.) Note: our help desk can not retrieve this for you, so make sure to remember this information.
    7. Create Your Account . An Account will be created instantly. This process will no longer require an authorize signer or a USF ID Card and will speed up account creation significantly. Note: Your mail will be enabled and accessible in two days.
    8. The HSCNet account allows you to utilize the local network at the HSC. You will have access to e-mail and calendar via MS Exchange and a personal folder for the storage.


 THIRD(for Blackboard access only) – Activate your USF NetID & set HSC as your official USF e-mail address:

Your USF NetID is the username and password needed to access online content for many of your classes. Do not attempt this step until after you have obtained your HSC e-mail address.

  1. Go to the following website and follow the instructions under "USF NetID" to activate your ID: This is known as UNA.
  2. Click on " Are you a new user? Sign up! "
  3. Fill in your USF ID Card Number, Birth Date and Social Security Number. Accept the policy.
  4. You'll be given a username, hopefully the same as your HSC username or close to it. _________
  5. Read the guidelines and create a password. Write it down in a safe, secure place. ___________
  6. If you don't see a way to designate HSC as your official email address, go back to the University Network Access (UNA)
    Click Activate your Official USF Email account Have your USF ID Card, Social Security Number, and Date of Birth handy. You may continue with the UNA Web site to set your official USF e-mail address, if you have more than one USF e-mail address. Designate HSC as your official email. If you don't see "HSC," go back to Step 1.

FOURTH(For BlackBoard Access only) – Access your online Blackboard course in the USF Portal

  1. From a web browser, go to
  2. Type in your USF NetID username and password.
  3. Click on the " Courses " tab.
  4. Click on the course name, i.e. "The Profession of Medicine ," "Nursing Informatics" or "COPH Health Policy."
  5. Click the buttons on the left to see various course materials and communication tools.