HSC Directory & USF Card Information
Information Systems

What is the HSC Directory

The HSC Directory is a database that maintains a list of all HSC Computer accounts along with associated information about the computer account holder based on the USF ID Card number. Since the USF ID Card database contains the individuals SSN, other USF, UMSA and HSC business system information can be electronically associated with the HSC Computer account holder.

Since the HSC Computer account holder can be electronically identified (through the use of their account ID/password) it will become possible to develop electronic process to deliver/track compliance, determine the roles and status (terminated, etc.) of account holders, cross reference individuals having roles in multiple business processes, participate in USF academic and business processes (currently under way) and build future systems that take advantage of existing business processes. In addition, the implementation of the HSC Directory will allow compliance with HIPAA mandates to identify and track all existing computer account holders.

Implementation Process

  • All HSC employees, students and volunteers (everyone that needs or uses and HSC Computer account) was instructed to acquire a USF ID Card
  • Since December of 2004, all new computer account request have required the requestor to enter his/her USF ID Card.
  • Starting February 28 th, a HSC Account Confirmation process will be initiated. The process will require all HSC Computer Account (accounts created prior to December 2004) holder to confirm continued use of that account and to enter and confirm their USF ID Card number. Process to target users that have not completed the process.
  • Starting March 29 th, those accounts that have not been confirmed will be subject to termination.

USF ID Card Information

For information concerning how to get a USF ID Card please visit the USF Card web site at: http://www.auxsvc.usf.edu/usfcard.html for information.

Anyone who does not wish to pick up their ID card in person can use the form provided for distance learning students and acquire a USF ID Card via the mail. Note: You will still need to provide your photograph and Social Security Number, which can be done through the mail.

For HSC individuals that are not employed by the University or registered as a student (i.e., UMSA and MSSC employees, volunteers, preceptors, etc.), it will be necessary for the HSC department in which you are involved to provide a written list of complete names and Social Security Numbers to the USF ID Card Office approved by the department head prior to submitting the ID Card Request.

Specific Forms for HSC

Attached are two forms that were specially developed by the USF Card Center to assist HSC departments and individuals in acquiring a USF ID Card.

  1. First is a form developed by the USF Card Center that can be used in place of the USFCard Application for Distance Learning Students form, which allow individual to receive their USF ID Card through the mail. This form accomplishes the same thing, but is designed specifically for HSC faculty, staff, housestaff, volunteers, and USFPG (UMSA & MSSC) personnel.

    This form is being offered by the USF Card Center to help mitigate the confusion cause by the requirement to use the Distance Learning form to receive the USF ID Card through the mail. Individuals can still use the Distance Learning form if they wish.
    Down load: USF Card HSC Form

  2. The second form is a template that can be used by departments to provide necessary information about individuals that are not employed by, or registered students of, USF. This form should be used to notify the USF Card Center that individuals, such as USFPG (MSSC & UMSA), Volunteers & Preceptors, are acting on behalf of the University and can acquire a USF ID card. Departments who are sponsoring such individuals should fill out this form and mail it to the USF Card Center (address on the form).
    Download: USF Card HSC Dept Template Memo