HSC Email Account Settings
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Your hsc email address consists of your HSC username, an @ symbol,  then hsc.usf.edu.

You will need to know the following settings to set up most email programs for receiving email.

Server Type: POP3

POP3 Username: This is just your username (e.g. jdoe)
If a password is asked for you can leave it blank, or type in your HSC email password. 

POP3 (Incoming) Server: hsc.usf.edu

For sending email your email program will ask for an SMTP1 server. HSC provides an SMTP server for you to use, but only if you are physically on our network (i.e on campus), or connected to the internet through USF Dialup. If you are connected to the internet  through Roadrunner or some other ISP2 you will need to use the SMTP server that they provide you. Please contact your ISP to find out the correct SMTP server for sending mail.

Only if you are on campus or on USF dialup does the following setting apply:

SMTP (Outgoing) Server: hsc.usf.edu
If your email program has settings for SMTP Authentication you can ignore them.
If this is your home machine you may want to look for an option that says "Leave messages on server" so that you can retrieve the same e-mails at work. However do not set the "Leave messages on server" for your work machine.

If you are using USF Dialup you will need to download and install SecuRemote to send email.

[1] SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. A standardized method of sending emails over the internet.
[2] ISP: Internet Service Provider The company, or orginization the provides your internet Access. (e.g. Roadrunner, Verizon, AOL, Earthlink, etc.)