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NOTE: The site license only allows you to use Symantec as long as you are a current student, staff, faculty member of USF. We renew this license every few years, so there may come a time when we switch to another brand.

Symantec Anti-Virus for Windows XP & Vista Computers

NOTE: When prompted for your User Name and Password enter your HSCNET ID and password to gain access to file. If the login fails and you receive a page with a message that says "The page cannot be displayed...", please clear your browser cache and close your browser window.  Then reload this page, and attempt the download again.

Symantec Anti-Virus for On Campus use

Symantec Anti-virus Client for on campus 32-bit machines 

Symantec Anti-virus Client for on campus 64-bit machines


Symantec Anti-Virus for Students & Off Campus/Home use

Symantec Anti-virus Client for 32-bit machines

Symantec Anti-virus Client for 64-bit machines

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