Digital Media & Communications
USF Health


  • Video Conferencing

    • Video Conference services allow for IP video and audio connections. It is useful for attending meetings and lectures that you may not be able to attend in person. To schedule a video conference, please follow these simple instructions:
      • 1. Select a video conference location that meets your needs. For a list of video conference locations, review the VTC Directory
      • 2. Reserve the selected rooms through Outlook or the assigned Booking Contact on the VTC Direcory
      • 3. Submit a Service Request and include the following information:
        • Name, Date, Time and Duration of the meeting
        • What locations have you booked for this conference?
        • Is there a PowerPoint presentation for this meeting? If so, which location will be the presenting side?
        • When connecting to locations outside of the USF health network, please include a technical contact (phone or email) for that locations

    • **Please reserve room locations 30 minutes prior to meeting time to allow for set up.
    • **To ensure that there is no delay of your meeting, we recommend at least 24 hours advanced notice.

  • Webinar

    • A webinar is an easy to use presentation service from the convenience of your own desktop. Your collegues will be able to view the same presentation simultaneously as the speaker navigates through the slides. All attendees will need both a computer with internet connectivity as well as a phone. Currently USF health IS uses webinar services provided by WebEx, which features include:
      • Talk and present with collegues outside of the USF Health Network (within US and Canada)
      • Supports up to 20 attendees
      • Allows desktop sharing
      • Includes an integrated chatroom for all participants

    • To schedule a webinar, submit a Service Request and include the following information:
      • Name, Date, and Time of the webinar
      • Email addresses for all attendees
      • Contact information for both the presenters and the host
        • Host: Organizer of the meeting
        • Presenter: Anyone presenting

    • **Once a meeting is scheduled, an automated email will be sent to all attendees disclosing meeting information and the toll free phone number.

  • For after hours support please refer to our Premium Services webpage Click Here
  • To Submit a Service Request for Digital Media and Communications Services Click Here
  • Questions or Concerns? Call 974-6288