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  • Office Communicator

    • Office Communicator or OCS, is a real-time instant messenger service that links with your existing Outlook email. It includes desktop video conferencing and network wide live meetings from your PC. Other OCS features include:
      • Microsoft Outlook calendar and contact integration
      • Save contacts for instant messaging
      • Presence Icons show which contacts are available
      • Easily installed on any USF Health computer. For installation instructions Click Here

    • Once Office Communicator is installed, please review the Getting Started Guide
    • For information on obtaining a web camera for Office Communicator, please review the OCS Webpage

    • **Please note that Office Communicator is only available within the USF Health Network.

  • E.V.E.N.T.S.

    • E.V.E.N.T.S. or Enhanced Visual Notifcation Transmission System is our powerful electronic bulletin and emergency notification network. It uses displays located throughout the USF Health campus to keep you informed using PowerPoints, movies, and tickers.

    • Joining - E.V.E.N.T.S. currently located at: College of Medicine, College of Nursing, College of Public Health, School of Physical Therapy, Childrens Medical Services, Morsani, USF Health Faculty Office Building, and the South Tampa Center. For more information on how to join the E.V.E.N.T.S. network, simply submit a Service Request to speak with one of our DMAC representatives.
    • Contributing - E.V.E.N.T.S. has become the quickest way to distribute your content throughout USF Health. Our E.V.E.N.T.S. displays are viewed by faculty, staff, students, and patients. To contribute your announcement to E.V.E.N.T.S., please include the following information in your Service Request:
      • Name of your College or Department
      • A digital copy of your announcement (PowerPoint, jpg, bmp)

    • Training - We offer training and assistance on how to effectively use E.V.E.N.T.S. Contact us to set up a training session

    • **All announcements are subject to approval by the Office of Media/Communications.

  • For after hours support please refer to our Premium Services webpage Click Here
  • To Submit a Service Request for Digital Media and Communications Services Click Here
  • Questions or Concerns? Call 974-6288