Information Systems
USF Health

Applications Development

Photo of Patrick Gall
Patrick Gall
We provide:
  • Web design and maintenance
    • Includes creation, graphic design, and updating of web content
  • Web content writing
    • Includes interviewing key customer contacts and gathering relevant data for web publication
  • Search engine optimization consultation
    • Consulting on how to make your website more visible and search engine friendly, leading to higher ranking on search results through unpaid means
  • Business analysis and process mapping
    • Analysis of business processes and workflows for optimization and efficiencies
  • Enterprise software administration
    • Includes implementation and maintenance of enterprise-level systems hosted at USF Health
  • Custom application development
    • Includes creation, design, and maintenance of custom web/mobile applications and databases
  • Clinical system administration
    • Includes implementation and maintenance of clinical systems hosted at USF Health
  • Database administration
    • Setup and maintenance of enterprise databases, database servers, and back-ups for business continuity

Business Intelligence and Data Services

Photo of Adam Tobias
Adam Tobias
Visiting Director
We provide:
  • Business Intelligence Services
    • Architecture and Design of USFHealth’s Enterprise Data Warehouse - HART
    • Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL)
    • Reporting and Analytics
    • Maintenance of Ad-Hoc Reporting Infrastructure
    • Master Data Management
    • Data Profiling and Cleansing
  • Data Mart Construction and Data Mining
    • Creation of Data Marts to support specific business needs
    • Data Analysis and Data Discovery
  • Custom Report Creation
    • Creation, design, and maintenance of standard reports based on extracted data accessible to users through a secure website
    • Creation, design, and maintenance of standard reports emailed to selected users at regular intervals (daily, weekly, and monthly)
  • Customized Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL)
    • Source System Analysis
    • Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading to support Custom Applications

Digital Media & Communications

Photo of Thomas Banea
Thomas Banea
We provide:
  • Classroom audio/visual support, repair and maintenance
    • Multiple staff members, same day replacement using Health inventory and scheduled maintenance
  • AV Architecture
    • Added functionality and or changes in AV infrastructure; design and programming
  • Video conferencing support and bridging services
    • Interoperability with all USF Health locations and Health partners; Multipoint bridging; Recording of video conference meetings
  • Video production, encoding and hosting
    • Broadcast quality capture, editing, multiplatform development and video storage hosting
  • Online lecture capture and hosting
    • Capture all classroom lectures using enterprise lecture capture system (Panopto)
  • Digital Signage
    • Content development and system integration, support and maintenance

Instructional Design & Training

Photo of Neil Gomes
Neil Gomes

We provide:
  • Course Administration
    • Includes Course Display & Marketing, Enrollment Management, Pre-requisite handling and Reporting within our fully-featured LMS
  • Courseware Development
    • Includes online course and assessment development with instructional design and pedagogical teaching principles

Networking & Security Services

Photo of Tim Bulu
Tim Bulu
We provide:
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Server administration
    • e-mail
    • listserves
    • newsgroups
    • PC server accounts
    • file backup & restoration
  • Security
  • Data communications
    • Internet
    • connectivity
    • remote site connectivity
  • Physical network administration
    • Network installation
    • maintenance Network monitoring Network design
    • consultation

Technology Services

Photo of Marcus Session
Marcus Session
We provide:
  • Technical Helpdesk Services via Phone, Email, Chat
    • 8 – 5, Mon. – Fri.
  • Provide Remote Support to HSCNET Users
    • Available Anywhere with an Internet Connection
  • On Location Physical Technology Support
    • Computer Hardware & Software - Apple, Microsoft, and Mobile products
  • Level 1 Support for Desktop Applications
    • Microsoft Software, Email, USF Health Specific Software
  • Level 1 Network Configuration & Support
    • Both Wired and Wireless Networks
  • Technology Solutions & Recommendations
    • Assist with finding the best solution for your technology needs


Photo of Sidney Fernandes

Photo of Beth Reid

Sidney Fernandes
Assistant VP of Technology
CIO, USF Health IS
Beth Reid
Fiscal and Business Specialist


We provide:
  • Directs Health IS to accomplish USF Health computing goals and Initiatives

  • Prioritizes and helps USF Health Administration to set USF Health computing directions

Project Management Office

Photo of Joann Bower
Joann Bower
Project Manager
Photo of Dave Hearne
Dave Hearne
Project Manager
Photo of Anne Jones
Anne Jones
Project Manager
We provide:
  • Enterprise project management
    • Includes integration, scope, cost, and reporting management as well as risk assessment