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International Health Education in Cologne, Germany

International Health Education in Cologne, Germany
May 19-29, 2005

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Dr. Robert J. McDermott headed a group of 11 students and faculty, from the University of South Florida College of Public Health and Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, that participated in the 7th Health Education and Injury Prevention Partnership Course and Field Conference in Cologne, Germany, May 19-29, 2005. This trip is one of the fruits of the University of South Florida/University of Cologne Cooperative Exchange Agreement of 1997 that was renewed in 2001. Participants studied similarities and differences in public health systems in the United States and the Federal Republic of Germany through several site visits. Participation in formal presentations and tours of the following sites offered a first-hand look into some of the public health infrastructure of Germany in the post-reunification period as well as some of the city’s rich and diverse history:

• Institut für Betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung (Institute of Worksite Health Promotion)
• University of Cologne faculty discussing the development of and current practices in the German health care, health insurance, and social insurance systems
• El De Haus (National Socialism Document Center & Museum and Headquarters for the Gestapo during Germany's Nazi Era)
• Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung (Federal Center for Health Education)
• Bundensanstalt für Stabenwesen (Federal Highway Research Institute)
• Department of Occupational Health and Social Medicine at the University of Cologne
• Environmental, social, and economic impact of coal mining – site visit to an operational mine
• Gesundheitamt (Health Department) for the city of Cologne focusing on essential services and offering a snapshot of communicable diseases, especially sexually transmitted infections, and the impact of the legal (and illegal) sex worker industry
• Deutschland bewegt sich! Die Gesundheitsinitiative (Health promotion fair for youth to promote physical activity)
• City Museum of Cologne to study city history especially that related to wars, plagues, hygiene, and social justice

In addition, the group of scholars met with University of Cologne Professor Klaus Klein and interacted with 11 students from nine nations enrolled in that university's International Masters Program in Environmental Science, to carry out dialogue about social, economic, and political factors affecting decisions related to international environmental health policy, education, literacy, ethics, and human rights.

International Health Education (PHC 6116) in Germany is offered annually through the College of Public Health.
Contact Dr. Robert McDermott (Web Page) at 813-974-6700 or for more information.


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